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ADS GROUP – is a consortium of international companies & Center for the financing research, foundering, Investments & projects opportunities Solutions, Diplomatic & Strategic Studies & Projects development & is execution, Business Companies & Institutional Representative, acte for more than 20 years, in
International Consultant, Agent, European’s & African’s Affairs Advisor, on Finance, development policy, search for funding for projects & programs of governments, public institutions & Privates. Management of institutional projects in PPP, public infrastructure, PPA (construction, energy, water, waste, agro-industry, Turism, Oil, Gás & Mining).
Strategic watch, economic intelligence, Expertise in the management & coordination of cooperation-sustainable development projects. Management of multidisciplinary projects, teams,Training of target audiences in good governance in Europe & Africa. Member of the Organizing Committee of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Dubai, UAE, since 2012. In charge of official delegations from French-speaking countries. Management of eco resorts, tourism development projects, Coordination of technical & financial feasibility studies. Institutional lobbying – European, African, Asiatic, American & Caribbean zone. In charge of institutional relations development in the Antilles, Guyana & Africa with elected officials & governments. Monitoring of public contracts for the development of construction projects for EP and EU stations. Follow-up of calls for tenders – organization of technical meetings until the completion of the works. Membership of AACEDS (2003) – association of former CEDS auditors.
Organization of diplomatic study missions abroad. Organization of conferences, events and happenings. Member by is president of Angolan Diaspora in 2004 ( creator of thousands & one mines de mining Angola project), Actual Finance – (financing Company) & France Finance – (international association of professionals support in financing).